What to Expect

First and foremost, you will learn how to enhance your quality of life. While the world of psychotherapy can often seem complex and confusing, the methodology of the therapeutic techniques utilized by Dr. Nick are focused upon internal harmony, the ability to see and achieve your end goals, and the ability to turn complex issues into achievable results.

Communication is the key to change. As a former special education teacher, Dr. Nick has learned the importance of being able to communicate with whatever willing audience is in front of him; ready to engage. Communication is an immediate, crucial part of therapy. Therefore, the focus with any client is to bring forward strength and increase self-awareness to enhance effective communication, so that you can make healthy life decisions as well as trust your intuition. The result over time is success in exhibiting a more positive attitude, with healthier thinking and better choices, and overall functioning in daily life.

Therapeutic sessions will be thorough, professional and respectful. The goal is to assist you in rising to meet the challenges that can derail you and your life and guide you back in the direction of personal successes.