Executive Testimonials


Executive Testimonials

“I first met Dr. Nick in early 2011 in an attempt to build upon the competitive advantages that KSA Capital Partners enjoyed in its investment business. Specifically, I wanted to better understand the decision making process involved in researching and investing in stocks.

I formed KSA Capital Partners in the spring of 2004 after spending approximately 10 years as a leading Wall Street analyst and another 12 years before that as a founding partner of a Midwestern based manufacturing business. From 2004 to 2010 our fund generated a positive performance every year including 2008, a year that saw the market decline just under 40%. That year KSA Capital generated a positive 5% return. However, we stumbled in 2010 and had our first down year as we were early on a number of investments that we believed offered our investors excellent risk adjusted returns.

The first thing I noticed about Dr. Nick was his intense focus on getting to understand the decision making process that I and my team employed in our daily work. It was also important for Dr. Nick to learn about me and my history both on and off the court. This was a very satisfying experience because Dr. Nick is very engaging and very smart which helped him to probe and ultimately develop a personal profile of myself and the investment process at KSA Capital.

It was clear to me that within weeks of working with Dr. Nick, his advice and analysis on KSA’s investment process was beginning to pay dividends. The fund rebounded quickly from our 2010 experience and in 2011 generated a 15% return compared to the market which was essentially flat that year. That was followed by a spectacular 2012 when the fund generated a 52% return, our best year since the firms inception and a year that culminated in a Barron’s profile story on KSA Capital.

It’s hard to give too much credit to anyone factor for our strong performance during the time I was working with Dr. Nick, but I can unequivocally say that the work that I did with Dr. Nick had a very favorable impact on my ability to improve my firms investment process and our investment returns. I highly recommend Dr. Nick to anyone looking too improve their own personal of professional productivity and plan to continue to work with Dr. Nick in the future to further refine my investment approach and my awareness of the many opportunities that will avail themselves to me and my partners at KSA Capital.”

Dan Khoshaba
KSA Capital Partners

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