Adult / Couples’ Counseling

Therapy isn’t about saving your life…it’s about saving you from a life unfulfilled. An unfulfilled life means an unhappy life. Dr. Nick’s 35 years of experience has built a répertoire of insightful knowledge that can be applied to the unique situations and specializations your challenges may require. The benefit of this experience and expertise will enhance functioning for you in your life – whether in life’s stressors, interpersonal relations, parenting, education and business life/career.

Dr. Nick believes in straight-talking, compassionate therapy that delivers results and teaches you how to function better and enhance your quality of life. Utilizing Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques integrated with Humanistic and Existential Psychological principles, his practice provides a “today is the first day of the rest of your life” foundation. Individual therapy sessions are structured yet flexible, with a consistent goal to enhance your quality of life, including better ability in problem solving and development of new skills. Consistent tracking is employed so changes can be made to your plan when needed, as the relationship is collaborative. 

Straight forward; client-centered therapy will give you:

  • Full feedback and direction on how to start making changes in your life
  • A fully developed treatment plan that aligns with your life goals