Fixing the Yips and Southward Bound

It has been a whirlwind week! Last Friday evening @ 5 p.m.. I received a phone call from Michael Breed inviting me to be his guest on The Golf Fix on The Golf Channel.  The only trouble was that I was in NJ and I had to be in Orlando on Monday morning for taping.  I decided to journey on down Sunday to meet with Michael and his Producer, Jeremy Garrison, to watch them play Bay Hill.  It was a great day filled with great shots (and some not so great ones).  I had the opportunity to demonstrate some of my “mind mechanics” training to both Michael and Jeremy.

On Monday, the taping began, but at first I didn’t realize that the shoot would only be one take.  After being in the studio for 10 minutes and being instructed where to stand, I hear “..3, 2,–” and much to my surprise the filming started!  I was shocked and I am sure it appeared on air as being nervous.  The rest of the segment went well and I am very pleased with the results. We discussed how to fix the yips. Check out the segment on

Next week I will be off to the University of Richmond to work with one of my players.  The rest of this past week continued to offer me new opportunities to work with new players on, collegiate, juniors and PGA Teaching Pros.