Fixing the Yips – BRI

Nick&Michael Breed

Me & Michael Breed, host of The Golf Fix on the Golf Channel, discussing how to eliminate the yips.

It was thrilling to be on The Golf Fix last night with Michael Breed to discuss techniques for reducing anxiety and eliminating the yips.┬áMy advice would be to use BRI – Breathing, Relaxation and Imagery.

First, breathe in through your nose to inflate your diaphragm, hold, then breathe out through your mouth and pause. It is called “square breathing” because each of the components should have the same rhythm. You will notice that your entire body relaxes on the exhale. This should be done┬áduring your pre-shot routine.

For imagery, put a picture in your mind of the club impacting the ball perfectly. That should be one of the last things you think before you swing. With that image in your mind, your subconscious will get the club to where it needs to be. This also helps clear your mind of fearing the upcoming shot.

Finally, practice as you would play. Use the same pre-shot routine on the range and short game area as you do on the course. This helps train your body and your mind. With effective training, the yips will greatly fade away.