Sport Testimonials


Sport Testimonials


Dr. Nick Molinaro and Michael Breed“I endorse Dr. Nick as an exceptional sport psychologist. He brings years of experience in diagnosing and teaching the essential mental skills necessary to bring players to their highest level of performance.  His  experience with players on the PGA, Champions,, LPGA, Symetra, minor Tours as well as with collegiate and junior golfers reflects his depth of  relating to all levels of performance. He receives my highest level of recommendation without reservation.”
Michael Breed, PGA
Host of Golf Channel’s “The Golf Fix”
2012 PGA Teacher of the Year


Upon winning the 2017 Ivy League Championship: “Thanks Doc. Could not have done it without your help!”

Andy Shay
Head Coach
Yale University Men’s Lacrosse


Jesse Smith_Tiger Woods

Jesse Smith with Tiger Woods

“In my time working with Dr. Nick I’ve had breakthroughs both personally and professionally. On the course I’ve had career low competitive scores of 61, 60, and 59 as well as qualifying for the US Open. Furthermore Dr. Nick’s unique work has led to personal improvements that can’t necessarily be measured but has greater importance. His wisdom in invaluable.”

Jesse Smith
2013 US Open and Canadian Qualifier





Tyler Hall 2015 NJ State Open Winner

Tyler Hall
2015 NJ State Open Winner


“Dr. Molinaro has helped me understand what to concentrate on both on and off the golf course. How to focus and stay calm under high pressure situations all the while building my confidence. Grasping the concepts he teaches has helped me enjoy the game of golf and aspects of my life a whole lot more.”

Chris Nallan Tour


I would like to take a moment to send this letter of recommendation on behalf of Dr. Nick Molinaro, ED.d. I am currently on the PGA Nationwide Tour and have engaged a working relationship with Dr. Nick over the past few years. Recently, I have recommitted to his process of teaching “The Mind Mechanics” and have seen immediate results. They style and process that he brings to our tour level is a very personalized, direct teaching method.

His philosophy and style is very unique to our tour and his vision into the mind game is extraordinary. I have worked with many sports psychologists during my PGA professional career and have not had the positive results until I worked directly with Dr. Nick. I am committed to his teachings and believe that his guidance is what is moving me up the money list this year. I believe that the Baltusrol membership will be very pleased to have Dr. Nick available to them as a highly skilled professional sports psychologist.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this candidate.

Chris Nallan Tour


“Mentality is a key factor to success in any sport, especially golf.  Dr. Molinaro has helped me learn and understand valuable components of the psychological side to the game to better my mental skills.”

Kevin Foley, PGA Tour


“… What can I say about a guy whose credentials speak for themselves?  After a decade spent as a Tour Player, I can honestly say the Dr. Nick is second to none. I have been very fortunate to have had access to the very best Coaches, Doctors, Psychologists and Professionals in the business and I wouldn’t take my business/livelihood anywhere else.  His caring nature and astounding knowledge of the mind will absolutely improve not only quality of sport, but most importantly, the quality of life.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Molinaro and look forward to overcoming all of the future obstacles, together.  What can I say besides this guy is a Rockstar in his craft!”

Tyler Hall
Professional Golfer and Instructor – 2011 MGA/Met Open Champion


I am writing this note as a wholehearted endorsement of Dr. Nick Molinaro.

Our business, Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club, employs Dr. Nick as a consultant in order to improve the effectiveness of our senior management. By interpreting the data collected through a precise standardized test, he establishes a baseline assessment for each manager. He then creates an individual action plan in order to identify areas of improvement. Finally, he provides detailed suggestions for improvement and meets, again, with each manager. As our managers work through the process with  Dr.Nick, they change the way they think about their colleagues and the way they approach work.

We continually attempt to educate our managers but no other training has been as effective.  Most of our managers have applied Dr. Nick’s suggestions to their personal lives, a sign that they truly have bought into the plan. In no small way, Dr. Nick’s process has been transformative to our staff and our company.

I highly recommend Nick to any organization which values staff education and training. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ken Donovan
Co-Owner Fiddler’s Elbow County Club


Doctor Nick has been a blessing in my life. During a time when I was struggling with the game, he was able to help me control my mind and give me the confidence to be the best player I can be. After my visits with Doctor Nick, I was named captain of my high school team.  With the confidence he gave me, I was able to lead the Randolph Rams to the 2010 Group IV State Championship. Thanks to Dr. Nick’s methods my game excelled to the point that I was named First Team All State, First Team All County, First Team All Conference and Morris County Player of the Year. To top it off I received a scholarship to play for a NCAA Division I program, at Rutgers University. Doctor Nick has helped me control my mind, and everyone knows baseball is a thinking man’s game.

Michael Zavala, Rutgers U., Baseball


After a serious knee injury that required reconstructive surgery and extensive rehab, Dr. Nick helped me to block out the negative flashbacks that inhibited my performance.  Through his work and techniques, I was able to regain my confidence and play without any negative thoughts.  Without his help, I don’t know what I would have done to get back on the field and regain the form I had prior to my injury. I am looking forward to a great season as a scholarship player for Rutgers University.

Steven Zavala, Rutgers U., Baseball


We cannot thank Dr. Nick Molinaro enough for his all he has done to assist our sons in reaching their potential.  He has not only assisted them with particular issues pertaining to the sport of baseball but has also provided them with real life skills. In regard to baseball they have developed the mental skills necessary to compete on a Division I level. We believe every athlete will benefit from Dr. Nick regardless of the competition level.

Oscar and Laura Zavala


My name is Shawn Baker, Managing Director of Cochran Cochran & Yale(CCY), an Executive Search and Management Consulting firm. I am writing this letter as a recommendation for Dr Nick Molinaro.

My background is a bit interesting; I was a nationally ranked alpine ski racer and a golf professional in my younger years. I was very fortunate to compete at high levels throughout my career, have been exposed to all sorts of sports psychology and such, but nothing like Dr. Nick before. Now, just a rank amateur, I was introduced to Dr. Nick thru an associate. In a very short time, my golf game almost went back 20 years, my thoughts were clearer, breathing patterns had changed and focus was laser like. My reason for sharing this information is that I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD at a very young age, so the focus and thinking has never been strength of mine.

In my line of work, we are exposed to all sorts of personality assessments and tests and have used them in our Executive Search practices for assessing talent. Then I was introduced to Dr Nick and the TAIS system, to be very frank, I have never seen a test that has absolutely nailed my personality, tendencies under pressure (both work and sports related) and am constantly amazed when Dr Nick and I chat about situations and how it related back to my tendencies.

Dr. Nick and CCY have also formed a “strategic partnership” in a couple of different areas. Assessments for our Executive Search team and HR Consulting areas, but Dr Nick will also act as a leadership consultant for many of our executive teams.

Shawn Baker: Cochran, Cochran & Yale


I am writining this letter to strongly reocmmend Dr. Nick Molinaro as a Sport Psychologist to your wonderful learning center. I believe I am uniquely qualified to offer this recommendaiont as I have come to know Dr. Nick in several varied capacities; first, when he was a member of Panther Valley Golf and Country Club, second, as an advisor to my own game, third, as a coach to nationwide Tour standout, Chris Nallen, and lastly as a friend. I have benefited greatly from his counsel, understanding and wisdom. It is clear he is a first class psychologist and even finer gentleman.

My first experience with Dr. Nick came through working with him as his instructor at the club. However, the student teacher dynamic quickly reversed. It was in short order that I realized I had much to learn from him. Thanks to his calming nature, I developed a quick trust in Dr. Nick that allowed me to gain valuable insights that helped me better handle pressure situations. We worked on several techniques and visualizations that I am certain helped my focus both on and off the course.

I have also had the privelege of seeing first hand the tremendous impact Dr. Molinaro has had on Chris Nallen. I have known Chris for many years and seen him go from a talented boy to a four time collegiate All American and number two ranked amateur player in the United States. It was obvious that Chris was going to be a tour star.  Unfortunately, after winning his first event on the Nationwide Tour by eight shots, Chris’ confidence and game waned. After several years of struggle, he began to work with Dr. Nick in earnest and continues to do so to this day. You may be aware that during the 2010 Chris moved from 127 on the money list to 16 and much of his improvement can be attributed to the work he has done with Dr. Nick. He was poised to gain his Tour Card. Unfortunately, Chris is now out on medical leave due to back issues . Dr. Nick is currently working with players on the, PGA Canadian Tour, LPGA, LET, as well as Division I-III and Minor Tour golfers. Over the past two years, two of the four players who have won NJSGA Fourball have been students of Dr. Nick. He has had as many as 14 players qualify for the NJ State Open in one year as well as several finishing in the top 10. He is also the Consulting Sport Psychologist to the David Glenz Golf Academy. I would not bet against anyone in Dr. Molinaro’s stable. 

Lastly, it is with great pride that I consider Dr. Nick a friend. He has been a great advisor to me as my responsibitities at Panther Valley have incresased and during my Presidentcy of NJPGA. He has become a confidant on a variety of difficult personnel and leadership issues that I have faced. His erudition, experience and demeanor make him more than a psychologist, but true counselor of excellence.

In closing, my reespect for the skill of Dr. Molinaro is of the highest order; the only thing greater is my respect for him as a man. He is everything your students could desire from a Sport Psychologist. He will help them become better golfrers, help them gain insight into how their individual minds work and most importantly, help them enjoy the game.  I thank you for your consideration you afford my letter. If I can offer any additional information or edification please do not hesitate to call. It is my honor to write on behalf of Dr. Molinaro.

Daniel J. Pasternak
PGA Professional/COO Panther Valley Golf and Country Club
Past President, NJPGA


I am in my third season of working with Dr. Nick Molinaro on the mental part of my golf game.  I have found it to be insightful, enjoyable and valuable.  During this timeframe I have lowered my handicap from 6 to 2, with the objective of becoming a scratch golfer by the end of this year.  Last year I not only lowered my handicap to 2 but I accomplished another objective of winning the Senior Club Championship of my club. I feel Dr. Molinaro played a vital role in helping me prepare for and achieve these accomplishments.

I find Dr. Molinaro easy to talk to and responsive during the course of the season, either in person, or by phone or email. 

Dr. Molinaro is a golfer who understands the game and more importantly, how the golfer reacts to the circumstances the game presents before, during and after the round. I have received clear explanations to my questions and observations. He is very knowledgeable about what it takes to excel in sport performance and reaching the zone. The series of tests I took initially have become very helpful in determining my tendencies, strengths and weaknesses when faced with stress or pressure. A game plan was developed around these tendencies, strengths and weaknesses to optimize and personalize my mental golf game. I have also had three “on course” sessions with Dr. Nick that I have found to be invaluable. During the last three years, Dr. Molinaro has developed three hypnosis CD’s for me that I use on a regular basis to continue to develop the mental side of my golf game as the season progresses.

I can highly recommend Dr. Molinaro for working with golfers and I strongly believe he would be a great asset to any organization.

Thomas L. Burns


It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Nick Molinaro.   I have witnessed many success stories from both amateur and professional golfers under the guidance of Dr. Nick throughout the last 5 years.

I have worked with Dr. Nick as an amateur golfer in search of improving the quality of my game. I saw immediate results and continue to utilize his techniques to date in order to continue to improve my play. More importantly, I have been mentoring a PGA tour professional currently on the Nationwide Tour and have partnered Dr. Nick with this tour player to elevate his professional golf career. I have witnessed and participated in the process of “Mind Mechanics” and watched this elite athlete move from 125 on the money list to top 20 in less than 5 months.  In fact, during the 2005 US Open at Pinehurst, I had lunch with Phil Mickelson who said to this young athlete that “you will be top 5 in the world if you work on your mental approach to the game”. We worked with three very high profile sports psychologists over the years and not one of these professionals has had the impact that Dr. Nick has had on this player.

Dr. Nick’s teaching skills set him apart from this very competitive field. His philosophy and skill set is what has proved to me that he is on a path to train some of the best players in the world. I am currently President of Nordicom, a visual communications company, but also have a passion to mentor PGA golf professionals. I am presently in the process of assembling an elite group of tour players to work with Dr. Nick in order to align the mental mechanics with the physical mechanics and move these players to be leaders on the PGA tour.

I highly recommend Dr. Nick Molinaro as a candidate for this prestigious position within your club.


Bob Johnson
Nordicom, Inc & Align, Inc


To whom it may Concern:

I am pleased to have this opportunity to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Nick Molinaro.

I have worked with Dr. Molinaro first as a golf student of mine and then working with him as my sports psychologist. .

With his background, experience and expertise in the field of sports psychology I have the opportunity to refer many of my students to Dr. Molinaro for assistance when I feel his services are required for the continued improvement of my student. The game places a great strain on our mental approach not only for the total game but for the individual shots as they occur. Without his assistant we lose that opportunity to control our emotions and mental well being on the golf course. From his assessment test to the private consultation I have witnessed tremendous change in my student’s control of themselves and how their outlook has changed. Their response to me has always been positive and impressed with his approach to their particular needs.

In addition to his professional assistance in the field of psychology, he has become a personal friend who is always available for invaluable discussion and consultation.

It is my pleasure to offer my highest level of recommendation to you, without any conditions, for Dr. Molinaro. I know Dr. Molinaro would be a tremendous asset to the Baltusrol Performance Center.

If I may be of any further assistance please so not hesitate to contact me.

Gary Danback
Director of Instruction
The Golf Zone


September 22, 2014

Doctor Nick:

I wanted to write you a brief note to express how happy we are to have been introduced to you to work with our son George. As you are aware, prior to meeting you George was an accomplished golfer – but someone who had trouble remaining focused in tournaments and had issues with strategy on the golf course. He was able to compete and do well in tournaments but had trouble winning.

From our first meeting when we reviewed the results of the personal assessment test, I was convinced that we were on to something unique and special. The following two meetings that took place on the golf course demonstrated results that were nothing short of amazing. When he told me some of the drills that you and he worked on, and then demonstrated them, I immediately connected with the concepts you were teaching. Having played a lot of golf with my son and knowing his game through and through, I was impressed to witness the presence of this disciplined routine and positive body language that I had not seen before.

As a result of the three sessions and the short phone conversations leading up to tournaments, George was able to accomplish a major personal goal of winning the men’s division club championship at High Mountain Golf Club. At barely sixteen years old he is the youngest to hold this title, and did so with a commanding 10 and 9 win over 36 holes. I firmly believe that we have you to thank for organizing his thoughts and training him with disciplined practice techniques that have helped him prepare himself for competition.

In addition to what you have done with George thus far on the golf course – I also believe that this is now being reflected in his day to day activities and his work in school.  I firmly believe that the strategy and organization that he is learning by working with you is translating into his studying and homework. I know my son –and while this may have been building with maturity, this new view on golf and life has been unlocked and for this we are truly grateful. 

My wife Elizabeth and I thank you very much for the work you have done with George and we are excited to continue this relationship for years to come.

With much gratitude,

George and Elizabeth Cultraro


“Dr. Molinaro gave me a fresh perspective on my game. I was struggling with my confidence and focus on the golf course. We integrated meditation and visualization into my every day life, which in turn carried to the golf course. His demeanor and soothing voice made me extremely relaxed and able to play better under pressure.”

Diana D’Alessio


John Felitto

John Felitto

“My work with Dr. Molinaro has transformed me from aspiring junior to somebody capable of playing Division I college golf. His expertise in pre-shot routine, the mind’s tendencies, and body relaxation techniques played a key factor in me quaifyiing for the 2014 U.S. Junior Amateur, Junior PGA Championship, and becoming the #1 New Jersey junior in the 2016 Class. Working with Dr. Nick teaches one not only how to perform in clutch situations, but to manage their game better while playing any round of golf. I hope to continue working with Dr. Molinaro at the collegiate and professional level.”

John Felitto


I thought I would share some recent reflection on our work this summer.

I know we are just beginning a journey, that ultimately brings out the physical talent that I always knew I had. To say I couldn’t use the controls is an understatement.

You have showed me some powerful yet simple ways to operate my swing without getting bogged down. I have read book after book looking for a way to un-lock “the Zone”, or whatever one wants to call it. As you know I was ready to go back to being an amateur and even not playing much, if at all.

I was truly frustrated with my poor level of performance under pressure. I am ecstatic that I decided to come see you again and the results have been amazing. I didn’t take it as seriously the first time and that turns out to be a big mistake on my part. Who knows what I could have won, if I had 10 years ago.

I know most people might think process and routine might seem too boring or simple but the way you put it all together is fun and the results speak volumes to me.

Thanks for putting my brain in sync with my body and showing me that I can shoot UNDER PAR consistently.

We have a ways to go, but boy am I looking forward to it!

You’re the best,

Steve Oakes, PGA
Head Golf Professional
The Architects Club